IPTV Custom Tailored for You

Make TV is a complete IPTV middleware and OTT client software platform for delivering live TV, internet radio, Video-On-Demand and other non-linear and interactive services to end users in any IP or hybrid based network.
We support all the latest encoding, DRM and playout platforms, but strongly recommend Elemental Technologies solutions like Live and Delta which offer the most balanced features for todays' workflows.

About Make TV

MakeTV is a young company which specializes in turn-key IPTV solutions, based on our own IPTV middleware and OTT client software platforms for delivering Live TV, internet radio, VOD, Catch-up TV and other interactive services to end users in any IP or hybrid based network.

What is so original about our solution? Being in video encoding (and later streaming) business for more than 15 years, members of our team bring a great deal of expertise and real-life deployment experience. Whatever your scenario may be, there is a great chance we have the optimal solution for you.

From the ground-up our IPTV system is built with several key points/features in mind:

  • Modularity: We are happy to provide you either with complete IPTV solution, or only the exact parts that you need to complement what you already have
  • Adaptability: Our client software is based on HTML5 so changing the complete interface to suit the clients’ needs is almost as easy as creating a new web page(s) with specific effects. Server side is equally adaptable with almost unlimited combination of profiles for delivering different content over any kind of network. Wherever your client may be, on whatever type of network – he will get the best service possible.
  • Security: All communication between server and client is done over HTTPS protocol. On the streaming side, MakeTV has its own token and video encryption, but we also use more mainstream solutions like Verimatrix.
  • Statistics: Our solution gives second-to-none live monitoring features, with extensive offline detailed analysis.
  • Optimized price/performance: We use proven and affordable solutions from Wowza, Elemental, etc, but also provide alternatives to any part of the system.


Make TV strives to provide a complete solution, be it through direct implementation or relevant advice.

Our work model is not based on the specific part of the system, and we are not closed or limited to working with specific vendors, although we have strong relations with our standard partners.

Encoders, Middleware, Clients (STBs, Android, iOS, SMART TVs), CAS/DRM, Edge servers, content delivery platforms... We are devoted to going all-out in giving you the easiest and most cost-effective solution, evaluating every part of the system and making it just right for your specific needs.